The Wrap Show 2017

Our day started at 5.30am on the morning of the Wrap Show but we’d been preparing for this event for the last 10 months.  When we found out there would be this amazing babywearing event in the city of London in 2017 we knew we wanted to be a part of it.  We quickly signed up to be a Contributing Sponsor and our journey began.

At the time we really had no idea how fantastic the event would be.  Held in the beautiful Grade II Listed historic Royal Horticultural Halls the venue was both impressive and big enough to accommodate a good variety of British and International brands.

Once we had signed up to the Wrap Show, the fun began.  We spent time planning our colourways for the show, thinking about our stand and how we’d like to make the event fun.  We wanted to make sure that we had a good selection of wraps to try and began brainstorming ideas of ways to promote our brand at the event.

The months quickly passed and the date of the show was fast approaching.  Sadly, due to factors outside of our control, our yarns that we ordered for the show exclusives didn’t arrive on time.  This resulted in us having to make some last minute changes and in the end, our show exclusives were actually woven two weeks before the show and hemmed a few days before.  It was such a relief when we received delivery of them on the day before the show. We were really pleased with our choices but there’s nothing like cutting it fine!

Our Wrap Show exclusives, Tri Baltic (yellow, charcoal & grey) and Tri Atlantic (navy, blue and green)

Going back to the day, we arrived at the venue and we were excited to see other exhibitors queuing outside the venue waiting for the doors to open.  We had travelled to London with Louise Ireland, an admin from the Jacq and Rose Chatter Group as she’d kindly agreed to help out on our stand for the day.  As soon as we were let in, we began the mammoth task of emptying the car.  Laden with wraps, boxes of bags, banners and a mannequin we quickly set up our stall.  We were delighted to find ourselves pitched next to Oscha Slings, a brand that has played such a huge part in our own personal babywearing journey and across the way from us was Woven Wings, another brand we hugely admire.  Around us we also had, Fiddle Beads with their beautiful necklaces, Embrace Bags with their stunning bags (we’d bought our own custom bag with us to the show) plus Wenweave and Lawilde on either end of the line of tables.  Plus we were back to back with the lovely Natasha from Liora Rae so we were able to chat at times over our screen.  All in all, we were very pleased with our spot.


As the clock ticked closer to 10.00am an excited hum rippled around the hall.  We managed a quick lap to see the other exhibitors, stopping briefly for a chat with the lovely Hedwych from Wrap you in Love who had recently tried out one of our wraps.  At 9.59am we got the call, “1 minute to the doors opening”….and then it was all go, go, go – the Wrap Show was live!

The next few hours passed in a blur, we were overwhelmed with the love and support from so many friends in the babywearing world who came to our stall, to say hi, to geek over our wraps and to buy new wraps either for themselves or for their libraries.  We had a basket of discounted stock and these literally flew out the door.  We sold a number of show exclusive wraps and lots of people took advantage of buying scrap that we were selling by the metre.  We gave out lots of branded tape measure keyrings and everyone commented on how useful they would be.

We were delighted to see Fi Boon and her daughter visit our stall.  Fi won a general admission family ticket to the event from a competition we held in February via our Facebook page.  Fi’s name was the first that was randomly drawn from all entries using and it was certainly was true karma as they both have featured in a number of Jacq and Rose photoshoots.   It was a lovely moment when her daughter spotted her Mummy and herself on our show banner.

We spoke to many people throughout the event, hearing stories of how our wraps have found their way to homes and libraries around the UK and overseas.  We were delighted with all the positive feedback about how much they are being loved and helping people learn to babywear.  We also enjoyed chatting and geeking over the different weaves and colourways with people who were interested to know the science behind our creations.


The day passed quickly and soon the main part of the show came to a close.  We had a short time to clear away the stash of coffee cups and tidy our stall ready for the evening event.  The venue’s roof was closed and dramatic purple lighting lit up the hall.  We added a few fairy lights to our stand to add a little sparkle to show off our wraps. The evening kicked off with a glass of bubbly and we enjoyed listening to the evening entertainment.  The last hour of the day was much more relaxed and we took the opportunity to chat with other stall holders around us and to the people still looking for a few last-minute purchases.


When the clock struck 7.30pm, the Wrap Show ended and we began packing up the stall.  Boxes and bags were loaded into the car and we took one last look at the impressive hall before heading home.  It truly was a wonderful day, full of so many happy memories and we’d like to thank the organisers of The Wrap Show for such a fantastic event! We are already looking forward to the next one!