PRE-ORDER – Tri Challenger Deep White


Our inspiration for our new collection of woven wraps comes from the deep ocean.  We have selected the deepest, blackest of black warp for our wraps and all wraps woven on this warp will feature the name, Challenger Deep.

Challenger Deep is the deepest known point of the ocean and is named after HMS Challenger, the British ship which located it.  This wrap will feature the same incredibly soft combed cotton warp weft as the other wraps in our Oceanic Collection.  The weft we have chosen for this wrap is a pure bright white.

Perfect for beginners and more experienced wrappers, these medium weight wraps (280 gsm) are great for single or multi-layer carries.

Pre-order Prices:

Size 3= £110 £99, Size 4= £120 £108, Size 5= £130 £117, Size 6= £140 £126, Size 7= £150 £135 Size 8= £160 £144

10 wrap slots available

50% payment – adjusted payment to be made once the size is confirmed. Remainder to be paid prior to delivery.

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