Photo of sea with the text 'the oceanic collection' and J&R logo

It seemed only fitting that our first collection is named after the ocean, owing to our lifelong love of the sea and the many years we have spent studying the diverse creatures within it to get a degree in Marine Zoology. Inspired by the many beautiful colours seen and places visited on diving trips, this collection is a rainbow of aquatic-themed wraps.

These wraps are a medium weight, suitable for babies and toddlers in single and double carries. These jacquard woven wraps come ready to use; ready to fill with love and memories. Very little breaking in is required as the cotton is soft and luxurious to touch right off the loom.

Our Oceanic Collection wraps are 100% combed cotton and weigh approximately 280 g/m².

Prices*: Size 2= £100, Size 3= £110, Size 4= £120, Size 5= £130, Size 6= £140, Size 7= £150.

Tri Corallium Pink, Tri Blue Tang and Tri Tanote Teal are the first three colourways available via a pre-order. More colours coming soon.