Happy Father’s Day…

Father’s Day in the UK is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June which this year is today, Sunday June 18th 2017.

We have decided to celebrate this special day by sharing with you some of the wonderful comments and photos we have received from some local babywearing Dads.

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“I’ll be honest, up until the final throws of my wife’s pregnancy baby wearing was not something I was even aware of. I had seen people, mothers – I can’t recall any dads, wearing their babies but never given it a second thought. To me babies were transported around in buggies and that was that. Luckily for me my wife decided baby wearing was something she wanted to try. Being a new dad and having no experience with children at all I was open to the suggestion of giving it a go. And from those first few tentative moments baby wearing has grown into something I really enjoy for a few different reasons. Who doesn’t enjoy a cuddle with their baby?! Baby wearing allows you to keep your baby close to you, it’s easy to sneak a little kiss on the head and you get to find a little moment of calm amongst the madness watching them snuggle up to you and fall asleep. Like most other parents we bought a buggy to cart around our little girl and the endless baby products we thought we would need. Our first few trips out proved stressful enough without the added struggle of negotiating crowded streets and shops with an unwieldy buggy. This is where a carrier or sling really makes life easier. Your baby is asleep against your chest or keeping an eye on things over your shoulder and making your way around a busy town centre is no different to life in the pre baby days. A grumpy or tired baby can put a stop your plan to cut the grass, paint the fence etc. Strapping your baby to you will often calm their mood or send them to sleep, leaving you with two hands free to carry on with whatever it is you want to do. Having your baby close to you, being able to settle them when they are tired, upset or a little under the weather is also a great way to bond with your baby. I think my daughter and I have a much better bond than we would have otherwise and that is a huge positive for me.”


“The physical bond I have with my son has been secured through carrying him in a sling.

I started putting my little man in a sling to help him get back to sleep at night when he was tiny. It became an easy way to guarantee a nap. 2 minutes in the sling and he would be fast asleep, any time of day.

You can do anything with a baby in a sling! Do the shopping, go for walks, trips to LegoLand. Even go on brewery tours and beer festivals!”


“I love how convenient babywearing is. It is great as it enables our son to be able to see the world from our level instead of being stuck near the ground in a buggy. It’s also great for when he wants to be carried but you still need both hands free.”