A day in the life… at Jacq and Rose HQ

We sometimes have very busy days and one day, last week, was one of them.  We thought it might be interesting to share what it’s like running a wrap business.  While this is not a normal day, it does reflect the kind of work we do on a week-to-week basis.  It just happened that on this day we did quite a few different activities.

7.00am      Our morning started with a quick check of our emails to see if there had been any sales overnight. We also did a quick check of Facebook and Instagram to see if there were any new posts in the Jacq and Rose Chatter Group and on our Jacq and Rose page.  We always enjoy reading your reviews of our wraps and seeing photos of our wraps being used around the world.

8.30am       The first job on our list-to-do was to pack up a wrap that had sold late last night.  Each wrap is carefully washed, ironed, folded and sent inside one of our Jacq and Rose branded rucksacks.  We quickly paid for postage online and printed off the labels so that the parcel was ready to send.

9.30am            We then did a quick trip to the local post office to post off the wrap.  We love this part of our job and we are always excited to see photos of when it arrives.

10.00am        Our next appointment of the day was a trip to our local Country Park to meet our local babywearing models for our photoshoot.  The shoot was an Easter-themed shoot featuring our gorgeous custom coat made by Lottie & Lysh using our Tri Delphinidae Grey wrap fabric.  We also took a matching ring sling as we wanted to get a few more photos for the website.  The sun was shining and we got some great photos.

12.00pm     After the shoot we headed back home.  We were very lucky to catch the postman who was delivering a sample from the mill. The sample was quickly measured and then washed by hand.  It was hung it out in the garden to dry and again, we were thankful for the sunny weather.  We then sent an email with our initial thoughts to the mill, suggesting a few weave changes and requesting a quote based on a new blend.  More details on this design will be revealed soon.

3.00pm    We then spent some time reviewing and editing the photos from the morning’s photoshoot. While we try not to edit too much, the morning shoot had been challenging with bright sunshine and a new camera lens so we had a little bit of editing to do to show the products off in the best light.

7.00pm     With the kids in bed we then spent an hour completing our Q&A for the Wrap Show blog. This was then emailed to the organisers with some photos.  If you’d like to read our questions and answers it can be found here.

8.00pm     The last task for the day involved updating our Jacq and Rose website with the product information and photos ready for Ring Sling launch at the end of the week.