We love how babywearing has helped our family through the early years of our children’s lives so we wanted to continue it by helping other new parents around the world carry their children in beautiful woven wraps.  The company is named after our two children, Emily Rose and Rory Jack, the only difference being the spelling of Jacq, which is named after the Jacquard loom on which the wraps are woven.

Babywearing was our saviour when we had our second child.  We loved that it freed up our hands to be able to look after our eldest daughter and that it enabled our son to sleep while we were out and about.

We have tried many different wraps over the years and all of the wraps we sell are personally tested to ensure they have great wrapping qualities.  We work with our UK mill to create designs that give the maximum comfort of use while babywearing.

We work with yarn suppliers around the world, sourcing quality yarns that have been ethically produced. All of our wraps are checked personally before they are sent out to ensure they arrive beautifully presented, ready to use straight out of the bag.

Katie Meakin, Owner & Founder of Jacq and Rose


We design and weave beautiful woven wraps for babywearing, that are ready to wear and ready to use.

We use high-quality yarns and all wraps will be woven and sewn in the UK.

We use a wide variety of blends and colourways.


We only use yarns that are sourced from a sustainable source and ethically produced.

All yarns are dyed in accordance with European EU/ISO standards.

All packaging will be recyclable or reusable and we are continually reviewing our business to ensure that this is achieved.


We provide wraps for all care providers and we ensure that we are inclusive for all.

We only use models that are babywearers. We will seek a range of babywearers to model our wraps to ensure that a mixed diversity of carers are represented. Models will be from the UK and around the world.

To ensure inclusivity and accessibility for those who are blind or deaf-blind in our babywearing community, Jacq and Rose are currently adding image descriptions to any which are shared on Facebook and Instagram.  They will be embedded on our website in any images that are posted.


We will always state the number of wraps made to avoid confusion and for clarity.

We will no longer sell our wraps* online at a reduced rate to ensure wraps maintain their value.

We will always give advanced warning of releases to avoid upset and panic buying.

We will be open and transparent when payment has been made for promotion or services.

(*this does not include seconds, dips or sales made at events)