A means of identification…

Black care label of Jacq and Rose - showing white logo on black background with the text ' Made in England'

Through our love of babywearing, we know that wraps often move onto new homes either by way of a gift, a trade or a sale.  This is why we have ensured that each and every wrap is given a unique identification number.  This number can be found stamped on the back of the care label.  The number corresponds to the year, month and the number of wraps in production that month.

We also decided to include a table in the back of your brochure so that this can be completed to show where the wrap has lived and been loved before.  Please complete your details in the booklet and ensure the booklet is sent with the wrap.  If you think you might want to boomerang this wrap at some point in the future, make a note of the number to enable you to identify it in the future.