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We have a number of tester wraps travelling the UK and Europe.  Here are some of the reviews that we have received to date.  We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

More reviews can be found in the Jacq and Rose Chatter Group on Facebook.  Click on the link to join the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1576048922691036/


“Having nabbed the newest Jacq and Rose release in the past week, along with having this tester here, I am really excited by what’s to come in the future – while aesthetics are definitely a priority, there seems to be a serious focus on wrap qualities. When woven wraps are now so widely accessible, with hundreds of brands to choose from, it is this focus that will keep brand fans loyal”

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“I used it for a week in a variety of carries.  I particularly liked it for a kangaroo carry as it shows off the stunning constrasts of the sides yet feels very supportive in a one-layer carry with my 9m old.  It was soft but held well, not too grippy either a great balance! Often I wrap in a rush so I rarely get perfect carries but this didn’t budge.”

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed testing Tri Tanote Teal; sometimes having a tester can feel like a chore if it’s not one that has wrapping qualities that I enjoy. That definitely isn’t the case here. It has a design that works, so well, and offers endless possibilities for future releases. A woolly blend in low contrast colours would rock for winter.

It’s a wrap I’d be confident to recommend to a beginner as it was a pleasure to use but equally to someone more experienced who wants a beater to chuck in the washing machine.”

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“The whole wrap has a bit of shimmer and feels a little bit silky. It feels soft in hand, not just soft but kitten belly buttery soft. It was already broken in and I could enjoy it’s complete advantages. It has a weight of 280g/m² but definitely feels like less, it is light in hand and I think it would be a perfect wrap for newborns and small babies.”

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“Tri Grey though, would be my choice for newborns/babies, Ribbons for bigger/heavier children. Ribbons for sure got more grip due to its structure and great support, Tri got more glide and is easier to wrap, even for beginners.”

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“First impressions of Tesserae – it features simplistic colours and a bold blocks design. The clean lines and contrasting colours are pleasing to the eye, and the dominant teal is just luscious. Tesserae feels smooth in hand with minimal texture, and is quite dense.”

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