Tri Delphinidae Grey



Tri Delphinidae Grey is the long awaited blue/grey wrap that we previewed last year and has travelled as a tester around Europe. We have named this wrap after the Dolphin family, Delphinidae. Oceanic Dolphins have a bluish grey colouring which aids their camouflage, hiding the dolphins from the surface and from the bottom by blending them into their surroundings. Woven with a blue grey combed cotton weft on an ecru combed cotton warp this single weave wrap is soft in hand, has a lovely glide and is suitable for all.

Tri Delphinidae Grey is 100% combed cotton.

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  • Our Oceanic Collection wraps weigh approximately 280 g/m².

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    Weight 1.4 kg
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    Size 2, Size 3 (£110), Size 4 (£120), Size 5 (£130), Size 6 (£140), Size 7 (£150), Size 5 (second), Size 6 (second)